About E-Greeting Cards

Using EGreeting Cards for Warm Marketing...

Using E-Greeting cards as a marketing tool doesn't cost a lot, but when done right, it is very effective.

INSTANT: via Email, Whatapps, SMS, Facebook, etc
PERSONALIZED: greeting messages and company logo
UNLIMITED: send unlimited e-greeting cards
SAVE: send as many cards as you like with NO postage charges

Give GREAT impression to your customers

Be a good environmentalist, ONLY send Corporate eGreeting Cards to your esteem customers in this festive season, celebrate the warmth of the season and support the Go Green Initiative.
You in the driver seat: Send UNLIMITED e-greeting cards
Elegant, distinctive, PROFESSIONAL design (NO annoying banner ads) 
Personalize secure login page for your company
User-friendly system for UNLIMITED e-Greeting Cards sending 

Save time, Instant Delivery, Unlimited Sending

via Email, Whatapps, SMS, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In)